What these frequent flyers wear to balance style and comfort on planes

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Plane travel used to be a pretty standard way to holiday, work and visit family.

Until COVID hit. 

So if you’re about to head off on a much anticipated interstate or international trip, here’s a refresher on outfits that are both comfy and practical. 

Maybe there’s a meeting or event when you land, you’re travelling somewhere culturally conservative, or perhaps you just like to look a bit stylish to greet your interstate mates for a drink.

“I still like to think that flying is an occasion,” says Nikki Parkinson, Brisbane fashion designer and frequent flyer.

But style shouldn’t come at the expense of comfort, she adds. And we all want to avoid being held up at security, stripping off layers, shoes and other things that go “beep”.

Chris Zeiher is from Lonely Planet. Being well travelled is basically his job, so he knows the challenge of balancing fashion and comfort, especially for long-haul flights.

We spoke to Nikki and Chris for their advice on the ultimate plane attire to get you from A to B looking half-decent.

Travel writer Chris Zeiher — ‘I’m a blazer and T-shirt boy most of the time’

Travel writer Chris Zeiher does a Clark Kent-style change mid-air for comfort.(Supplied)

Chris says he loves the glamour of travel, so makes the effort with his clothes.

He understands that’s not for everyone, and some people value comfort above all else.

To get the best of both worlds, he’ll sometimes even do a Clark Kent-style “quick change” once on board.

What is your ultimate plane outfit?

Balancing fashion and comfort when you’re about to jump on a plane can be a challenge.

I’m a blazer and T-shirt boy most of the time and this works well for plane travel.

It’s easy to team this with some comfy jeans or chinos and during the winter months, layering this look with a hoodie allows for extra warmth.

Comfortable shoes that are easy to slip on and off are also a must.

As are flight socks (compressions socks to help with blood flow) — sexy they’re not — but I wouldn’t travel long haul without a pair on.

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