What is Green Travel Follow These 6 Responsible Travel Practices

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As a result, green travel has become popular as a wide phrase that covers responsible travel practices that aim to help the environment as well as the social and economic well-being of local people. It’s all about trying to make better decisions that help to reduce the adverse impact we have on the environment when we travel. Consider the environmental and economic consequences of your activities as a tourist while travelling to help encourage sustainable tourism. But how do you do it?Also Read – From Socialising To Security, 6 Reasons Why Hostels Are Gaining Popularity

Smaller decisions, such as contributing to energy conservation, creating your own cleanup, or booking non-stop flights. You would have to compromise and choose travel items and ways that help lower your carbon footprint. Also Read – 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Mughal Gardens With Your Partner This Valentine’s Day

Follow these 6 tips in order to participate in eco-friendly travel:

1. Carry your own resources

Carry a reusable bottle or drink locally sourced water when you’re on the go because a plastic bottle is not a very sustainable option as a responsible traveller. When you go shopping, bring your own reusable bag. Plastic bags are only bad news. Also Read – From Leh to Kerala, Here Are 8 Exotic And Less Crowded Places to Travel This Valentine’s Day

2. Commute via public transport

When feasible, walk, cycle, or take public transportation to save money and reduce fuel usage. By following in your footsteps, you add an element of learning about the history and culture of the area.

3. Do not disturb wildlife

Stick to the route to protect local vegetation and to avoid any creepy crawlies prowling in the undergrowth. For any reason, never feed or contact wildlife. Feeding animals causes them to become accustomed to and dependent on humans, and it frequently results in attacks. Keep a safe distance from wild animals.

4. Extend support to locals

When you have the opportunity, seek out native artisans. It not only allows you to bond with the locals but also supports a family. It further assists in the preservation of their heritage. Rather than staying at a luxury hotel, stay in a local guesthouse. It is both cost-effective and ecologically sustainable.

5. Be an educated traveller

Find out whether they have a responsibility page by doing some study. We have the power as consumers, and the more we ask the firms we travel to, about their dedication to a green economy, the more they will respond. Leave your feedback and do your bit as a green traveller.

6. Leave no garbage around

It should be self-evident that you should not litter. Pick up some waste if you go to the mountains, the beach, or any other natural site. It allows you to mingle with the locals and get to know about their culture.

Don’t be a stranger; immerse yourself in their culture.  Traveling is half the joy since you get to eat new food, seek out new music, and celebrate differences. Travel now, travel green!

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