Volunteers providing food and support to Lismore community

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“He was such a kind man, broad and tall and exceptionally kind to take time out of his day to help us,” Mr Singh said, explaining that the officer returned to check on the Sikhs’ safety later on Tuesday evening.

According to Mr Singh, the group has been welcomed with open arms by the Lismore community. He said the brief confusion they experienced trying to reach the town has helped them relate to the situation so many on the east coast have experienced over the past week.

The Sikh Volunteer team has been joined by five residents, spending the past two days providing close to 2000 vegetarian curries, and bottled water to the community. They have no plans to stop anytime soon.

“We’ll stay here as long as we’re needed. We don’t mind if it’s weeks or months,” Mr Singh said.

The volunteers have been staying with a local Indian restaurant owner whose business on Lismore’s main strip, King Street, has been enveloped by the flood. Mr Singh has been awestruck by the hospitality and generosity of the community during their time of need.

“This is a tough time. Bushfires, COVID-19 lockdowns, floods… All we can do is stay positive, stay connected, forget differences and support each other,” Mr Singh said.

Earlier in the week, 45 Fijian abattoir workers turned to a local Facebook flood support group to assist those stranded in their homes.

From rescuing the elderly to safely transporting livestock, the workers continue to support the state’s emergency service workers in the effort to protect the region’s residents from what’s been dubbed the worst flood in history.

Residents rescued by a group of Fijian abattoir workers in Lismore on Monday.

Residents rescued by a group of Fijian abattoir workers in Lismore on Monday.Credit:Elise Derwin

Semi Sailosi Lutua told the ABC he had experienced severe flooding in Fiji, and felt obliged to lend a helping hand.

“I want to do my part and we all just want to make our country and families back at home proud.

“Families that have lost everything were so thankful [for our help]. They said, ‘Thank you that you even thought of us’.”

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