Two-minute-noodle-loving parrot road tripping across Australian outback

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Darryl Warren is on the trip of a lifetime across outback Australia and his choice of travelling companion is more accustomed to travelling by air than on four wheels. 

But his pet parrot, Ruby, never complains. She’s loving life on the road.

The colourful pair, from Rosedale in Victoria, is on a spur-of-the-moment road trip after visiting Darryl’s family in Brisbane.

“I just thought, ‘Let’s keep driving’,” Darryl said.

“We’re in Longreach now. Then we’re going to head to Mount Isa, go across the Stuart Highway and then down to [Uluru].”

Darryl and his parrot Ruby are road tripping across outback Queensland.(ABC Western Queensland: Victoria Pengilley)

So far, they’ve racked up 3,600 kilometres on their 10,000-kilometre adventure.

The days can be long in the car, but Darryl says Ruby loves nothing more than hitting the highway.

“She’s never been in a cage; she loves to travel. She’s just glad to be in the car.”

Darryl said his feathered friend had a playlist of songs she liked to listen to on the long drives.

Man standing with parrot sitting on his arm
Ruby’s favourite foods are two-minute noodles and steamed chicken.(ABC Western Queensland: Victoria Pengilley)

“She likes John Williamson and Paul Kelly. Maybe it’s the tone of the guitar … but she’ll sing along or whistle and talk and carry on,” Darryl said.

“She can be quite a character.”

Two-minute noodles are a staple

Unlike other Eclectus parrots, Ruby has a surprisingly diverse palette.

“She eats dry two-minute noodles, passionfruit, chillies … and one of her favourite foods is steamed chicken,” Darryl said.

Red and blue parrot sitting on car window
Unlike other Eclectus parrots, Ruby has a surprisingly diverse palette.(ABC Western Queensland: Victoria Pengilley)
Dozens of cicada shells sitting on car dashboard
Darryl has a collection of cicada shells he calls his “army”.(ABC Western Queensland: Victoria Pengilley)

Darryl has rigged up his eccentric car so that it’s fit for a queen with a beak, complete with a bird swing and food bowls.

And everywhere this duo goes, attention follows.

“She gets her photo taken at least three or four times a day … she’s quite the social butterfly,” Darryl said.

“She’s very female-friendly … when I’m shopping, I’ve got to remember that she’s there because if a lady comes up close, she’ll jump shoulders.

“She’s so brightly coloured, she sticks out. There’s no evading it.”

Red parrot sitting on piece of rope in car
The passenger seat is rigged up with all of Ruby’s essentials.(ABC Western Queensland: Victoria Pengilley)

Darryl said they would eventually make it back home to Rosedale.

But this wandering duo is in no hurry.

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