Travellers Encounter Lioness On Village Road In Gujarat

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Two people on a scooter had a close encounter with a lioness.

Village roads have their own idyllic appeal for city-dwellers. The greenery around, the open skies and the waft of the fresh breeze are what comes to our minds when we romanticise village lanes. But beware. Sometimes, instead of a sweet breeze, you may encounter a big cat on the way. No, we aren’t joking. Two people faced this situation while travelling down a narrow village path. The viral video was shared by IFS officer Susanta Nanda on Twitter. In the clip, we see two people on a motorbike as they are passing through a village path. Soon we spot a big cat moving in the distance.

The clip reveals a lioness walking towards the bike. While the bike rider stays still, the woman riding pillion captures the spine-chilling moment on camera. 

Fortunately for the travellers, the lioness approaches the vehicle but does not attack it. Instead, she makes a move towards the shrubs on one side. As the camera pans left, we see the lioness disappearing behind the bushes. According to Mr Nanda, the incident occurred in Gujarat. 

The tweet read, “Co travellers on a village road. Happens in India.” The clip has clocked more than  31,000 views till now.

Watch the clip here:

In reply to a question, Mr Nanda wrote that the footage was from Gujarat.

The clip evoked wowed reactions from users. Viewers praised the two persons for not panicking in the situation. One user wrote, “It takes a lot of guts to stand still like that.”

Some were curious why the lioness did not attack the riders. A user clarified it with his comment. He wrote, “Lions don’t attack humans unless they are provoked.” He added, “They ideally want to avoid humans as much and as often as possible.”

A person commented that the big cat in the clip is an Asiatic lioness, a species that is known for co-existing abilities with human beings.

A section of users affirmed the presence of lions in various areas in Gujarat. A user wrote, “This is just another day in Gujarat.”

Whether it is a common occurrence or not, most of us would be happy not to have such a sudden encounter with a lion.

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