Survey: Fewer people hesitating to buy Fukushima foods

March 8, 2022 by No Comments

A government survey shows the percentage of people in Japan who hesitate to purchase foods from Fukushima Prefecture is at a record low, nearly 11 years after the nuclear plant accident there.

Japan’s Consumer Affairs Agency has conducted an annual survey from 2013 on what people think of foods produced in areas affected by the March 2011 disaster.

Last month, the agency polled about 5,200 people in 11 prefectures, including Tokyo, Osaka and those affected by the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident.

The percentage of respondents who said they hesitate to buy foods from Fukushima Prefecture due to concerns of radioactive substances stood at 6.5 percent, down 1.6 points from last year.

The percentage of those who said it’s acceptable to take the risk of consuming radioactive substances if they are within the national limit stood at 58.5 percent, up 8 points.

Agency officials say more people appear to understand that foods on the market are safe.

Respondents were also asked what should be done to prevent reputational damage from rumors regarding the safety of foods so that they could be eaten without worry.

Many of them suggested providing information on safety and on the appeal of the foods and the areas where they were produced.

Wakamiya Kenji, the minister in charge of consumer affairs, told reporters that consumer understanding is the key to reviving areas hit by the disaster.

He vowed to do his utmost to enable people to enjoy foods from the affected areas.

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