Queen Elizabeth II carries pack of blood in luggage when travelling

February 9, 2022 by No Comments

It is no secret the someone like Queen Elizabeth II must be prepared for anything when travelling abroad.

However, the extent of the preparations go above and beyond as it was revealed that the Firm goes to great lengths to ensure that the Queen is safe from any unexpected danger.

This includes carrying a personal pack of her own blood. 

Understandably, having traveled 130 countries during her reign, the Firm has always ensured that there would be no mishap in the event that the country of visit does not have a reliable blood supply.   

Therefore in case the Queen needs an emergency blood transfusion, her doctor, who also travels with her and is always nearby, will be able to administer it without any delay. 

In addition, the Queen’s doctor, the Daily Telegraph reports, is said to always carry a bulky medical bag containing a mobile defibrillator and emergency medicine.

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