New tech suggests recipes based on the food already in your fridge

March 2, 2022 by No Comments

Its creators hope the technology will help combat food waste.

The solution uses a camera to take a look inside your refrigerator and then recommends a “curated feed of recipes that incorporate the ingredients you already have with your preferences, desires and situational needs,” Samsung said in a statement.

The AI learns what you like based on favorite recipes and you can input dietary restrictions as well. It also makes decisions based on recipes you save, on seasonal ingredients and even based on the weather.

Food AI was created by U.K. startup Whisk, which was acquired by Samsung in May 2019. The platform was on exhibit at CES 2020.

The Food AI was created with the goal of combating food waste and saving consumers money.

“In the U.S. an average person wastes 238 pounds of food per year — that’s a staggering 21 percent of the food they buy. Wasted ingredients also cost the average U.S. household $1,800 per year,” Nick Holzherr, the head of product at Whisk, said in a statement.

In addition, most people “generally end up cooking the same 7-9 dishes on repeat,” Holzherr added.

“Whisk’s Food AI takes the ingredients you have and finds uses for them through an understanding of the kinds of recipes you enjoy, making your cooking experience simpler and smarter,” he said.

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