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Kolhapur: People from Kolhapur travelling to Karnataka by road are a miffed lot. They want the mandatory RTPCR negative report to be done away with considering the relaxations that have been given even at the national level.
A Twitter user highlighted the irony of Covid checks along Maharashtra-Karnataka border when relaxations are being extended across the country. “It is easy to cross the international border now than cross Karnataka-Maharashtra border,” wrote the user on the Twitter handle.
Karnataka government has made RTPCR -ve report mandatory for those coming from Maharashtra at Kognoli check-post. Long queues of cars can be seen daily at Kognoli check-post along the National Highway 48 (Pune-Bengaluru); more than a month after the RTPCR negative report was made mandatory by Karnataka government.
Now, the cases have come down drastically, more in Maharashtra than in Karnataka. Passengers are demanding doing away with the negative RTPCR report compulsion.
Sarvesh Damle, resident of Kolhapur, was sent back for lack of negative RTPCR report recently. “My friends travelling in another car were allowed to enter Karnataka. One of them told policemen that they are returning in one day back to Kolhapur. They were not asked for RTPCR. I was sent back as I said I will be staying in Karnataka for some more days. Why the RTPCR negative report compulsion should continue to be in place?”
Some passengers, especially with vehicles with MH09 registration, tell the check post officials that they are going to Gadhinglaj or Ajara, which are part of Kolhapur district, and crossing the border just for that purpose. Another passenger requesting anonymity said he was let go without RTPCR negative report when he said that he visiting his native place in Gadhinglaj.
Despite all these loopholes, the passengers are angry over having to wait for long hours at the check-post.
The police at the check-post have stopped asking for vaccination certificate for both doses, which is also mandatory.
“I was not asked for vaccination certificate by the cops there,” said a passenger, requesting anonymity.
A senior official of Belagavi administration, on the condition of anonymity, said that a request has been sent to state authorities to exempt passengers entering Karnataka from Maharashtra to possess negative RTPCR test report.

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