Know how to choose right credit card for international travel

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Foreign travel credit cards

With the Covid-19 induced travel restrictions being eased in many countries, foreign travel will pick up. If you are thinking of an overseas journey, you must plan, especially financially.

There are various ways to carry money while travelling abroad. You could have cash, a forex card, or a traveller’s cheque. But few things offer the convenience of a credit card.

A credit card is one of the most convenient ways to transact abroad. Besides helping you store and access your money on demand, cards also come with other benefits such as reward points, cashback, and discounts. However, there are several things you need to be aware of when using your card abroad.

Choose the right credit card

Various credit card products are available in the market meant for overseas travel. Each card offers a different kind of benefit. Before purchasing a credit card for yourself, compare your options. Choose a card that meets your requirements the best. They must help you in the experiences you plan to have. Do check about the transaction fees, late payment fees, rewards, discounts, and the card’s acceptability in the country you’re travelling to.

Let your card issuer know about your foreign trip

Before you travel, inform your card issuer about your plan. All cards now allow you to enable or disable international transactions through your net banking or app. Without turning on this option, you may not be able to transact abroad with your card. Your card issuer will not assume your transactions to be suspicious and block your card. If your card gets blocked during your trip, you can call your card company to get it unblocked.

Try to carry multiple credit cards

While travelling, having more than one or two cards would save you from the hassles of non-acceptance of any one card. Sometimes you may find foreign merchants not accepting a card affiliated with a particular financial network. So carrying multiple cards with different networks such as MasterCard, VISA, or American Express can be helpful. If one card fails, fall back on the other. Split your cards. Carry them in different places so that if you lose one, you’ll have the other.

Keep issuer’s contact number handy

During foreign travel, keep the contact details of your card issuer, such as the phone number of your relationship manager, handy. You can connect with your credit card issuer during emergencies such as fraud if the toll number doesn’t work. Some international card issuer provides a facility for emergency card issuance while travelling abroad when you lose your original credit card. Before leaving, you may check about such facilities from your card issuer.

Pick cards with insurance benefits

Depending on the type and category of credit card you are using, you may get several associated benefits with your card. Travel insurance is one. It provides a risk cover against loss of baggage and passport, delayed trips, accidents, or cancellation. The insurance benefits vary from card to card, so you must check them before travelling. Some card companies may restrict insurance benefits to domestic travel, so you must take a card that protects you during foreign travel.

Look for airport lounge benefit

Travelling abroad can be a costly affair. So it would help if you were looking for a credit card that offers you priority access or discounts at airport lounges. You can get complimentary food, refreshments, and lounge access during stopovers using the priority access pass.

Besides the above-discussed points, you could look at other vital matters, such as currency transaction mark-up charges, ATM withdrawal charges, and foreign transaction fees. The card may cost you money, but you must assess if the costs pay for themselves and make your travel easier.

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