How to Make Tonjiru (Miso Soup with Pork and Vegetables) | Japanese Cooking Video Recipe

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Tonjiru (sometimes called Butajiru) is a Japanese pork and vegetable Miso soup. Remarkably delicious family meal 😋 

Some people cut vegetables into quarter round. Some people cut into chunks. It is up to you. Vegetables become very tasty by slowly cooking in pork Miso soup. It takes a bit time to cook but worth the time 😉 


Tonjiru (Miso Soup with Pork and Vegetables)

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 1.5hr

Number of servings: 4


100g (3.5oz.) thinly sliced pork rib

1 tbsp. ginger juice

150g (5.2oz.) Daikon radish

150g (5.2oz.) carrot

1/2 Gobo (burdock root)

200g (7oz.) Konnyaku (yam cake)

200g (7oz.) potatoes

4 Shiitake mushrooms

1 long onion

4 tbsp. Awase Miso

1/2 tsp. sugar


1. Cut pork into an inch long pieces.

2. Slice Gobo   and soak in water for 5 minutes. Tear Konnyaku into small chunks. Cut Daikon, carrot, potatoes, long onion, and Shiitake mushrooms into small chunks. *Cut all the vegetables about the same size.

3. In a large pot, put pork, ginger juice, and 800ml water. Bring to a boil, turn down to low, and remove the foam.

4. Add Daikon, carrot, burdock root, and Konnyaku, then cook on medium for 15 minutes, removing the foam. 

5. Dilute the Miso with the cooking liquid, add half of it, add potatoes, then cook for 20 minutes.

6. Add Shiitake mushrooms and long onion, and simmer for 15 minutes. Add the rest of the Miso and sugar to taste. Cook until hot to finish.



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