Food Picks: White Restaurant opens prawn noodle and lok lok eatery Fei Lou Fatt

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Fei Lou Fatt

Decadent prawn noodles

If you had been to the original Sembawang white beehoon eatery in Jalan Tampang in the early 2010s, you would have noticed a stall on its premises called Sembawang Prawn Noodles.

The hae mee stall was started by the same owner, Mr Tay King Huak. It was closed after three years, however, when his family decided to focus on the white beehoon business and rebranded it as White Restaurant.

The prawn noodles made a return earlier this month at a new eatery in Upper Thomson Road, opened by Mr Tay’s children who named it Fei Lou Fatt, his Cantonese nickname.

The menu is simple. Customers pick from a choice of noodles like beehoon and yellow mee, and decide whether they want it dry or in soup. There are six types of toppings, ranging from just prawns or braised pork ribs (from $8) to the top-of-the-range Signature Fei Lou Noodle ($20) that comes with jumbo prawns, abalone and braised pork ribs.

Go for the soup version because the broth is rich and flavourful – the result of simmering prawn heads and pork bones for up to 10 hours. If you are not a fan of abalone, the Big Prawn & Braised Pork Rib Noodle ($16) is cheaper and tastes just as good.

The menu also includes “prawn-zuke”, a twist on Japanese ochazuke where green tea or dashi is added to rice. The prawn broth for the noodles is used for this, and the rice is topped with big prawns for $16 or smaller prawns for $8.

There is also a lok lok counter that sells skewers of vegetables, mushrooms, Korean fishcake, abalone and others for $1.20 to $3 each.

These are seasoned with mala, seaweed, BBQ or furikake flavours, then battered and deep-fried. They make a nice snack to go with the noodles or rice, paired with sauces like mayonnaise or Thai sweet chilli.

Where: Fei Lou Fatt, 928 Upper Thomson Road
MRT: Springleaf
Open: 8am to 10pm daily
Tel: 6252-3400


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