Food Fare: Holiday, Christmas cookie recipes

December 21, 2021 by No Comments

As I look back through the last four and a half years of Food Fare columns I’ve written, there is one topic I’ve covered in one way or another every year — holiday cookies.

That’s because this is one of my favorite seasons, filling the house with the warm scents of baked dough and spices while revisiting old friends and making new ones. And because it’s the holidays there are, of course, no calories involved.

Holiday baking is a family tradition for many. It can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be — from pulling out a tube of prepared sugar cookie dough, then slicing, baking and decorating them with the kids, to making elaborate layered treats with decorations that rival a Faberge egg and look almost too fancy to eat. But if you have the time to bake … homemade is fun and allows you to exercise your creative side (and if it doesn’t quite work out the way you planned, there are almost always tasty ways of disposing of the evidence before anyone finds out). 

Carolyn VandeWiele

In previous columns I’ve baked Almond Sticks and Hoosier Wedding Cakes with Cheryl Munson, tried my friend Kay’s Apricot Cream Cheese Tarts, melted Jolly Ranchers into Stained Glass Cookies and explored Tess Arrias’ “Ultimate Cookie Handbook.” We’ve eaten cookies I’ve made every year for nearly 40 years (Lime Dreams and Apricot Shortbreads) and even tried to be just a bit healthy with Oat & Apple Cookies from “New York Christmas Baking.”

From 2017:Participating in the positive power of baking cookies

This year I’m trying out three new cookies to share with readers, using a couple of new techniques and my new quarter sheet baking pans. I learned to make almond paste, but decided to leave the homemade dulce de leche for another year. 

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