Daniel Andrews announces international travellers into Victoria must be triple vaxxed

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Welcome to Australia (just don’t come to Victoria): Dan Andrews to BAN international tourists if they don’t get a Covid booster NOW despite PM opening up the country – so who’s REALLY in charge?

  • Premier has warned double dosed travellers may be locked out of some venues
  • Scott Morrison on Monday said overseas arrivals would not need three doses 
  • ATAGI is set to announce if they will change definition of fully vaccinated person
  • Mr Andrews has already enforced triple dose mandates for some workers 

Dan Andrews has warned overseas travellers arriving in Victoria that they must be triple vaccinated if they want to participate in society and freely move about the state, even though Scott Morrison says overseas arrivals only need to be double jabbed. 

At the moment, Victorians must be double vaccinated to enter hospitality venues and some retail services.

However, in the coming weeks Victoria’s definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ may change to three doses, pending advice from the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisations (ATAGI)  and would apply to international arrivals.

That would mean double vaccinated tourists would be able to fly into Victoria – but would be virtually locked out of society.    

Overseas travellers arriving into Victoria may need to be triple vaccinated in order to move freely around the state and attend venues, Premier Daniel Andrews has warned

Mr Andrews has already enforced triple dose mandates for workers in health and aged care, disability, emergency services, corrections, quarantine accommodation, food distribution and education. 

Prime Minister Morrison made it clear on Monday that international travellers would not be required to have a third dose.

‘It will be two [doses]. There are various arguments around the world for three doses. Two doses is what the chief medical officer says is sufficient,’ he said. 

But Mr Andrews said he expected the federal government to change their position if advised by ATAGI.

‘They (ATAGI) must be getting very close to making that decision. We’ve got a national cabinet meeting on Thursday. Hopefully we can receive it before then or at that meeting,’ he said.

‘All the international evidence, all the advice I get from our team is that three doses is what’s required in order to be as safe as it can be.’ 

The Victorian Premier has remained firm in his stance that if the advisory group changed its definition of a fully vaccinated person, the same would apply to those in his state. 

‘I’m sure the Commonwealth government will reserve the right to change the view based on advice that comes from experts,’ Mr Andrews said.

‘ATAGI must be getting very, very close to making that decision.’

Mr Morrison announced on Monday that from February 21 all tourists were allowed into the country given they had received two jabs.  

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Mr Andrews has warned that while international travellers with two doses may enter the state, they could be locked out of retail and hospitality venues unless they’ve received their booster shot

‘The condition is you must be double vaccinated to come to Australia. That’s the rule. Everyone is expected to abide by it,’ the prime minister said.

‘But if you’re double vaccinated, we look forward to welcoming you back to Australia and I know the tourism industry will be looking forward to that.’

While backpackers, international students and some visa holders have entered Australia in the last six months, from Monday February 21, any person with a valid visa and two doses of a Covid vaccine will be welcomed.

It will up to individual states and territories to determine whether additional quarantine arrangements and arrival caps will apply to their visitors.

Travellers who are not vaccinated against Covid will subject to state-based restrictions and will have to apply proof of a medical exemption.  

Scott Morrison said international arrivals would not need to be triple vaccinated after touching down in Australia

Scott Morrison said international arrivals would not need to be triple vaccinated after touching down in Australia


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