Beat the heat with these summer coolers

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Summer is here, and with it comes the need to keep oneself hydrated at all times. We agree that there is nothing better than water to beat the heat, but why not add some flavours and make it fun. While the classic lemonade or shikanji is an all-time favourite to keep persistent summer troubles like acidity and heat rash at bay, here is another concoction that you might want to give a try.

Nutritionist and Pilates trainer Radhika Karle shared this summer cooler recipe on Instagram.

As per Karle, the cooler gives an energy boost owing to its ingredients like palm sugar, black raisins and basil seeds.

This is what she says: “This cooling concoction is perfect for the scorching summers. Get a boost of energy from the palm sugar, iron from black raisins, while the basil seeds cool the body down internally which helps in preventing heat rash, breakouts, and acidity.”

Take a look at the recipe.


2tbsp – Black raisins
1tbsp – Fennel seeds
1tsp – Jaggery/palm sugar powder (gur)
2 cups – Water
1tsp – Dried rose petals
1tsp – Basil seeds (sabja), soaked for 30 minutes
2-3 – Basil leaves (tulsi)


*Soak black raisins and fennel seeds for eight hours.
*Blend black raisins, fennel seeds and jaggery powder along with two cups of water in a mixer.
*Strain, discard the solids, collect the juice and add rose petals to it.
*Pour the juice into a tall glass.
*Add the soaked basil seeds and basil leaves.
*Stir well and serve cool.

Here is another summer cooler that you may like to try.

Strawberry Summer Blast from Smaaash

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2 scoops – Strawberry ice cream
2 – Banana
1/2 cup – Chilled milk
1/2 cup – Strawberry crush

Garnish with fresh strawberry


* Mix all the ingredients.
* Add more ice for thicker consistency.
* Garnish with fresh strawberry

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