70 Best Vegan Recipes – Easy Vegan Dinner Ideas You’ll Love

January 18, 2022 by No Comments

Whether you’re trying to eat less meat, pack your meals with the healthiest vegetables, or go completely meat- and dairy-free, the idea of making vegan recipes can be seriously daunting. Without meat, dairy, and other animal products, you’re often left with a plate full of plants — but most home cooks know what a wonderful opportunity that can be.

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Vegan cuisine often gets a bad rep, as some may believe it’s automatically boring and bland. But the truth is that vegan meals usually include fragrant spices, delicious sauces and all kinds of healthy substitutes to create satisfying, complete meals. From better-for-you versions of our favorite classics to unique plant-based meals all their own, there are truly endless, meat-free options. Here, you’ll find a variety of hearty favorites made with protein-rich whole grains, beans and nuts, and packed with fresh and colorful fruits and veggies.

With just a little creativity and these recipes as your guide, you can pull together tasty plant-based breakfasts, soups, salads, mains, and entrées (even delicious vegan desserts) in no time. And we’ve got a mix of wholesome recipes to feel good about, as well as indulgent picks (vegan pizza and ice cream!). Even your meat-loving friends will be impressed — and asking for seconds.

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