38 Best Cabbage Recipes – Ideas for Cooking Cabbage

February 10, 2022 by No Comments

If the only time you eat cabbage is in coleslaw form, it’s time to expand your horizons. After all, most of the zing in coleslaw is the mayo, so it’s basically cheating—sorry. This crunchy veggie is way more versatile than you think. Who wouldn’t love the crunchier cousin to boring lettuce? It’s one of those underrated vegetables that as you get older, you appreciate wayyy more. And don’t get us started on grilled cabbage. If you’re looking for some slightly more creative ideas for grilling other than eggplant—do yourself a favor and throw some cabbage on there. You’ll def raise some eyebrows, especially if you slather it in miso paste before! (Shhhhhh don’t tell—it’s the Delish kitchen secret!)

From classic comfort foods like cabbage rolls and corned beef to surprising twists like unstuffed cabbage casserole, there are tons of delish ways to prepare cabbage. Keep in mind that the vegetable’s water content is pretty high, so don’t be afraid to salt it pretty heavily while cooking with it.

Wait a sec, we can’t talk about cabbage without talking about St. Patrick’s day! The Irish really take their cabbage seriously, so if you’re looking for more Irish-inspired dishes to take your cabbage sweetheart to new heights there’s plenty to choose from here. A festive and low carb ingredient—sign me up!

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